More Diversity & Enrichment from the Benefits of Multiculturism

More Diversity & Enrichment from the Benefits of Multiculturism.

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More Diversity & Enrichment from the Benefits of Multiculturism

Whether it is sexual assaults, assaults against whites or pushing drugs, there is no end in sight of the enrichment of the UK by immigrants. One only has to look in the papers or watch the news, or do they? The BBC is well known for describing offenders as Asian when Pakistani Muslim would be more correct. Stories that should make national news quite often only get as far as local newspapers. The reason behind this is the Government do not want the public to know the full scale of sex attacks, beatings and drug peddling that is taking place in our beloved Britain!

The above story only gave a description because the girl was 12, one of the rapists was of mixed race and said his name was Mo. Could that possibly be Mohammed?

All this political correctness is getting beyond a joke now, a way of suppressing the majority while a minority tries to spread it’s influence. Islam will not go away, Eastern European gangsters will not go away, immigrant drug rings and people trafficking rings will not go away.

The Government will not make a stand, in fact it probably does not realise the full extent of what is happening. The only way to make the Government listen is for the people to speak as one and in unity.


There are many patriot groups out there, do your bit and get feet on the street, attend meetings, go to demonstrations, write to your MP. Doing nothing is NOT an option!

Southcoast Crusader

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Fifth Columnists – #EDL #BNP #EVF #NWFF #UKIP

During the second world war people of German origin were rounded up and imprisoned in the name of national security

At the outbreak of war there were around 80,000 potential enemy aliens in Britain who, it was feared, could be spies, or willing to assist Britain’s enemies in the event of an invasion. All Germans and Austrians over the age of 16 were called before special tribunals and were divided into one of three groups:

  • ‘A’ – high security risks, numbering just under 600, who were immediately interned;
  • ‘B’ – ‘doubtful cases’, numbering around 6,500, who were supervised and subject to restrictions;
  • ‘C’ – ‘no security risk’, numbering around 64,000, who were left at liberty. More than 55,000 of category ‘C’ were recognised as refugees from Nazi oppression. The vast majority of these were Jewish.

The situation began to change in the spring of 1940. The failure of the Norwegian campaign led to an outbreak of spy fever and agitation against enemy aliens. More and more Germans and Austrians were rounded up. Italians were also included, even though Britain was not at war with Italy until June. When Italy and Britain did go to war, there were at least 19,000 Italians in Britain, and Churchill ordered they all be rounded up. This was despite the fact that most of them had lived in Britain for decades.

Thousands of Germans, Austrians and Italians were sent to camps set up at racecourses and incomplete housing estates, such as Huyton outside Liverpool. The majority were interned on the Isle of Man, where internment camps had also been set up in World War One. Facilities were basic, but it was boredom that was the greatest enemy. Internees organised educational and artistic projects, including lectures, concerts and camp newspapers. At first married women were not allowed into the camps to see their husbands, but by August 1940 visits were permitted, and a family camp was established in late 1941.

These days we are more likely to be at war with a religion rather than a nation, so if we were at war how would we cope with so many potential “security risks” ?

The answer is we wouldn’t be able to identify ALL potential threats, Britain has sealed it’s own fate by being so generous in allowing so many nationalities to settle here. More worryingly the amount of Muslims who want to settle here should be of concern!

“We will outbreed you with the bellies of our women”

The above statement is fact, Muslims in this country are allowed polygamy (more than one wife) and our generous benefits system allows Muslim families to outbreed their hosts. Again our own generosity could be our downfall, by using our democracy against us. The Muslim vote is already a powerful one as demonstrated recently in Bradford and Tower Hamlets!

Vision for the future…..

2030 – A Muslim Prime Minister

Between then and now Christianity in decline, Islam is Britains most supported religion. Dozens of disused churches are converted into mosques. Imams teach RE in British schools. Lancashire, Yorkshire, Birmingham, East London, Luton are made Islamic Sharia zones, Female Genital Mutilation available on NHS, It is a criminal offence punishable by death to criticise Islam!


Southcoast Crusader

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Another “Enricher” in prison! #EDL #BNP #EVF #stratford #thomasoverton

Stabbed as he ran away.

Stabbed as he ran away.

Thomas Overton paid a heavy price for attempting to gatecrash a party in Leyton last August. Ahmed Ahmed, 17, of Holbrook Road, Stratford was jailed for a minimum of fifteen years this month after plunging a knife into the chest of Thomas Overton, 18 of Leyton. Judge Charles Wide QC said “You weren’t responding to a threat – the opposing group were running away. You ran after them with serious violence in mind.” Ahmed also had a number of violence related previous convictions.

Another youth who took part in the disturbance was jailed for three and a half years for violent disorder. Kondwani Phiri, 18, of Forest Gate also had previous convictions and was under a rehabilitation order for common assault at the time of the attack.

More cultural enrichment of London from violent immigrants!

Southcoast Crusader

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UAF Thugs on the rampage (Reblogged by Zoe) #edl #woolwich

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East Anglian Patriots demo Lincoln June 8th #edl #woolwich


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War Memorials Vandalised In City Of #London #casualsunited #edl #evf #sea #woolwich


Two War Memorials were vandalised in the City of London in the wake of the horrific slaughter of Lee Rigby. The RAF Bomber Command Memorial in Green Park and the Animals in War Memorial in Park Lane.

bomber command sml 1After the English Defence League march through London, some Patriots were made aware of the fact that a lone elderly man was at the Memorial trying to clean the graffiti off.
Please read this Blog: Vandals daub word ‘Islam’ on two London war memorials

bomber command sml 2

They bought him some sandwiches and a bottle of water and went to help him clean it off but when they arrived, there was a female Police Officer there who informed them that the Police had been sent to guard it and the elderly man, who was ex-Forces himself, had been sent away because the Memorial is made of a special stone and needed a professional to deal with…

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