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EDL wrong over flag-flyer arrest

Date published: 28 May 2013

THE head of Oldham police division has quashed rumours that a pregnant woman was arrested for carrying a Union Flag through Oldham town centre.

Chief Supt Catherine Hankinson said no one was held on Saturday afternoon when the English Defence League (EDL) gathered. A video posted on the internet showed a woman being led by police towards a Tactical Aid Unit van after an altercation between two men.

The woman was holding a Union Flag and another flag Greater Manchester Police considered had a “highly-inappropriate” message.

Many tweets then made incorrect claims that a pregnant woman had been arrested for carrying a Union Flag.

Chief Supt Hankinson said: “Police became aware that a number of people had gathered in Oldham town centre who were shouting and had flags, some of which were provoking passers-by.

“Officers saw that a woman had a Union Flag and another flag which in our view was solely designed to further inflame tension.

“This woman was taken to one side and the second flag was taken from her. At no point was she arrested, nor did she have her Union Flag confiscated.”

The Chronicle understands around 50 members of the far-right group gathered close to High Street, in Oldham, for a short period of time and then dispersed.


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2 Responses to #Oldham flag arrest police statement #edl #woolwich

  1. Alberta says:

    I wounder what the message on the other flag read i wounder if it was the Norm EDL Say No Sharia No Surrender To The Taliban or sometimes No Surrender Al Quieda Makes me wounder i have watched The Videos An see No Wrong in The Womans Behaviour Also in My Opinion I Dont See The Police Takeing Jihadist Flags an other Hate Filled Placards an Banners Not to Mention some The Vile Messages Antifa And The UAF out there.

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